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Serving Hampton Roads since 2001!

Visit any location today or call for your free consultation and other available promos! Serving Hampton Roads for 22 years and counting. 10% military discount.
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About Blue Horseshoe

Welcome to the World Famous Blue Horseshoe Tattoo & Body Piercing, locally owned and operated tattoo and piercing studios serving the Hampton Roads, Virginia area for over the last 21 years!
Our professional, award winning artists will work with you to give you the perfect custom tattoo or piercing. We can create the most elaborate and original work or recreate a classic simple tattoo. Our world renowned owners and artists have been in operation longer than any other company in the Hampton Roads area. Chris Bowman, our founder, is famous in the tattoo industry and he fought hard to legalize tattooing in this area. We offer free consultations, walk-in business and can do any type of piercing or tattoo possible. Visit, call, or follow us today!

Professional Custom Tattoos and Body Piercings.

For over two decades we have specialized in high quality tattoos & body piercings in a laid back, professional, sterile and friendly environment! We also offer free touchups FOR LIFE
As the 1st in our area we had to literally help author the tattoo shop regulations and standards currently used by the health department. So you can rest assured you are in good hands.
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Everything else
Blue Horseshoe is also a smoke shop, skate shop, jewelry store and soon we will offer barber services. We have comfortable spacious seating and pool tables (select locations) for anyone visiting our many locations.
Body Piercings
Our highly trained and certified body piercers have years of experience in the art of piercing they are able to perfectly pierce anything from a regular earlobe, to a dermal piercing, corset piercing, or any size lobe gauging. If it can be pierced, we can pierce it! We offer great products and treatments to take home along with detailed care instructions. Giving you safest and healthiest and longest lasting piercing possible. Schedule your piercing today and ask about our promos!
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We are available at 5 different locations

Virginia Beach Blvd
2980 Virginia Beach Blvd, VA Beach, VA 23452
Phone: (757) 486-8286
Independence Blvd
1764 Independence Blvd, VA Beach, VA 23455
Phone: (757) 351-1350
George Washington Hwy
5200 George Washington Hwy, Portsmouth, VA 23072
Phone: (757) 487-7172
W Mercury Blvd
5013 W Mercury Blvd, Hampton, VA 23666
PHONE: (757) 827-8286
Oceana Blvd
1375 Oceana Blvd, VA Beach, VA 23455
Phone: (757) 738-5204
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Phone: 757-486-8286
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